Products and Prerequisites

This contains all Cycloud 1.3.17 components required for a full product implementation and includes all available hotfixes. Full product documentation can be found here.

To implement a Cycloud system (even for testing) a license is required. Please use the contact button below to register your interest. An evaluation license will be provided.

This MSI is contains the required Citrix PowerShell snapins for the use of Cycloud when used with Citrix’s Virtual Apps and Desktops solution. This is version and has been tested with most versions of Virtual Apps and Desktops up to CVAD 1912LTSR.

This MSI contains the Azure PowerShell snapins required for Cycloud prerequisites. This is version and has been fully tested and is fully supported.


This utility installs all prerequisite components on a Cycloud Agent or Controller. This should be used prior to installing the Cycloud Agent or Controller software.

Heavy Load performance testing software. This software is useful for testing the Cycloud Agent and Robotic Provisioning as performance events can be triggered.